At Bathurst Health Foods we are sensitive to the needs of Vegans. It doesn’t matter if you have chosen veganism for health reasons or ethical reasons (or both) we believe in offering healthy vegan options. We have at various points chosen veganism ourselves and while not currently vegan we understand why people choose it and how difficult it can be to find good quality and healthy choices. Our own experience of veganism has informed our choices for all health food and health related products ongoing.

Many mass produced packaged vegan products are not organic and often have GMO ingredients. Large chain stores choose products based on offering vegan options (any vegan option) rather than ensuring those options are also ethical and healthy.

We are continually adding to our vegan options. While many of our products are vegan in nature as many wholefoods are, we also have many speciality certified vegan packaged foods. For example, chocolates, meat substitutes, dairy substitutes, powdered stocks, nutritional yeasts, body care, cosmetics, supplements and vitamins, frozen meals, pies and much much more.  We support small producers of vegan products as well as the well known vegan brands. Our focus is health food and certified vegan foods are very high on that list.

We have both cooked vegan meals for ourselves and others for many years and are happy to talk to anyone about how to prepare good vegan food and ensure a wide variety nutrients that will ensure veganism brings you a lifetime of health.

Feel free to drop by our Pinterest board

Vegan Board Pinterest

we are always adding delicious recipes we find.


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