Herbs of Gold Sale!!

Exclusive to Bathurst Health Foods. Our 4 week 30% of the entire range off Herbs of Gold.

Fusion Health SALE

Fusion Health is one of our favourite brands. Based on traditional herbal medicine from China and India and blending that information with modern nutritional science. The Fusion range is unique and works based on its winning combination of tried and true herbal blends used and tested for thousands of years with modern empirical ¬†scientific data….


At Bathurst Health Foods we are sensitive to the needs of Vegans. It doesn’t matter if you have chosen veganism for health reasons or ethical reasons (or both) we believe in offering healthy vegan options. We have at various points chosen veganism ourselves and while not currently vegan we understand why people choose it and…

Kiwi Herb 20% for a limited time.

We are offering a rare and extraordinary 20% off the Kiwi Herb range for one month. This is a boutique brand of the highest quality. We are offering this discount to encourage you to try this brand. We make no bones about the fact we love Kiwi Herb. This is classical herbalism at its best…

The Wonders of Curcumin

This article is a comprehensive overview of why curcumin is so successful in treating a number of health issues many face. Click this link….¬†Insider Curcumin

NutraLife Sale!

We have extended our Nutralife 30% off sale until June 30. See link for our sale prices and complete product range. Our everyday price is between the RRP and the 30% off price so even after the 30th June you can save on Nutralife products. Nutralife Promo